Valley City State University (VCSU) students are excited to launch a new organization titled Viking Student Media (VSM). The organization hopes to bring many new media formats to students including a news website, an app, a newspaper, a radio station, and a television station. They will be covering a variety of events both on campus and throughout Valley City in hopes of giving students all the information they desire in one easily accessed location.

Starting with a website found at, students now have reliable and consistent access to the news of VCSU and the Valley City area. The website covers various topics of news including sports, arts and entertainment, photo galleries, and various other current news stories.

To be launched next fall, is the Viking Social Media app, which will be the top location for VCSU students to get all the news they need. It will contain links to Viking Student Media news, VCSU news and other up and coming events that pertain to student life.

The organization also plans to introduce a newspaper in the 2015-2016 year, getting their work in a permanent and more traditional format for students to share with friends and family.

VSM is excited and dedicated to giving students the news they want. They hope to improve the flow of campus information by providing news to students in one central location for easy access, allowing more involvement and awareness. They want to work with all aspects of campus, from athletics, to theater, to different academic departments, to the many student organizations that affect student life. Viking Student Media is your destination for VCSU news. No matter your interests, VSM offers something for everybody.

Want to Join?

Students who join VSM have the perfect opportunity to express themselves, through writing, photography, broadcast, or radio, as the program develops into a full media organization. The organization encourages students, not only to use their creative skills, but also to become part of a real newspaper atmosphere, whether they want to write, take photographs, produce graphics, or work with advertising sponsors. This gives students real life experiences that could greatly benefit their future career no matter what there major pertains to and gives them a chance to be involved on campus. Joining VSM provides the perfect opportunity to make new friends and make a difference for fellow students. Join now by contacting Media Advisor Steve Listopad ( or Baelee Butts (