My name is Caitlin Stockert, and I am a freshman here at Valley City State University. I grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota where I lived with my Mom, Dad, and sister, Nicole. When I was younger I tried basketball and volleyball and gymnastics and swimming and ballet and archery, but none of them ever worked out. It wasn’t until high school that I realized my skill set lied in my creative abilities more so than my athletic abilities. I joined cheerleading which helped me become more outgoing and confident. I was in cheerleading for five years, and as cliché as it sounds, in those five years I learned more about being a great leader than I could have ever hoped to. Being a leader isn’t about telling people what needs to be done; it’s about showing people. That is the most important lesson cheerleading has taught me along with perseverance and commitment. It wasn’t until I became an editor for my school’s literary magazine (an assortment of writing and art pieces compiled into one cohesive book) that I learned how to express myself and show off my confidence. As an editor I wrote creative pieces, created graphic art, and designed layouts. However, my main role was to oversee the graphic design and typography that went into the book. Literary magazine not only allowed me to express myself but also led me to achieve one of my greatest accomplishments: earning First Place Best of Show at a national journalism conference two years in a row. My passion for journalism is what inspired me to major in communications with a minor in marketing. With that I hope to someday work as a graphic designer and become filthy stinking rich. All jokes aside, I just hope to someday do what I love.