On Monday October 12, the VCSU Concert Choir held their first concert of the semester at Epworth Methodist Church. The choir members and their director, Christopher Redfern, felt their concert was a huge success.


“We did a really different piece called Nyon-Nyon, and it was really fun to do,” said Tara von Hagen, a member of the choir.


In addition to the fall concert, the choir plans to hold another concert on December 3rd at St. Catherine Church, here in Valley City. According to Savannah Buderus, another choir member, the song “There is no Rose of Such Virtue” has never been performed in America before, and that Dr. Redfern obtained permission from the son of the composer to perform the piece.


The choir members, according to von Hagen and Buderus, look forward to performing in the Christmas concert, which will be their primary focus for the rest of the semester. They will be performing a total of nine, possibly ten songs.


Besides concerts, there is also possibility that the choir will tour California during the spring 2016 semester, though there is no definitive plan in place, according to von Hagen and Buderus.