On Wednesday October 14, the Biology 349 class left Valley City in the early morning on a class trip to Yellowstone National Park. The main goal of the trip was “to experience Yellowstone, to learn about its animals and ecosystem” said Yari Villanueva, one of the students on the trip.

The class visited many areas during the trip, according to Villanueva They explored the Northern Region and observed Bighorn sheep, which, according to Villanueva, many students were delighted to see up close. At Mammoth Hot Springs, they saw elk in people’s backyards and listened to a guest speaker called Travis Wyman, who gave a presentation on the elk population in Yellowstone. Besides elk and bison, the students also saw a grizzly bear, several wolves, and pika, which resembles a gopher in Lamar Valley, in addition to bison.

However, animals were not the only exciting aspect of the trip. According to Villanueva, the class was also able to view several geysers, including the Upper and Lower Falls geysers, which did not erupt, and Old Faithful, which did erupt. They visited one other geyser, and were able to lay on the ground and feel it rumble. “It was exciting, and scary at the same time,” said Villanueva.

The class returned the evening of Monday October 19th. “The trip was a lot of fun,” said Villanueva.