Our team is focusing on creating a phone application that will entice first time voters to vote in the current presidential election, and in future elections. As the years have progressed, fewer individuals have voted.The lack of young voters is often due to lack of interest and misinterpretation of the voting process. To prevent such a pattern from continuing, our team has stepped up in order to rally the youth of America with a phone application entitled, “PALitics.”

PALitics combines social media innovations, along with a digital pet concept. When these two ideas merged, we were able to create a concept for an application that teaches individuals about candidates and the issues at the forefront of each election. The application would also instill a sense of confidence in newbie voters. PALitics wants to remind people that voting and political efficacy do matter.

The digital pet aspect of this application allows the player to choose a candidate and then proceed to keep the candidate “alive” through the election. This would involve collecting donations for the campaign, schmoozing voters, and attending political rallies.

Value Proposition

PALitics, Inc. will deliver voting inspiration to first time voters for the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election. This app gives a fresh, fun take on how young voters can educate themselves on the voting process, and the political candidates’ values. This will aid the consumer in making informed decisions about their political choices, based on their newfound political identity. We offer an innovative perspective on how new voters (and everyone in-between) can build their confidence in making informed voting decisions, while actually enjoying the learning process. This tool can also help aid social studies teachers, parents, and mentors to inspire young people to educate themselves on politics.

Customer Segmentations

Customer segments are focused on teenagers and first time young voters, ages 18-22. These two groups, whether they are voting this election or the next, need to feel a sense of engagement with the political process. Using social media and the application, the intention is to make new voters aware of the importance of voting and why each vote matters.


PALitics is the first application of its kind to be developed. Due to this fact, competitors can be viewed as other application games, but none of the competition is aiming at the market in the same way PALitics is. Instead of direct competitors, listed are the apps that are cross referenced.


Talking Tom and Ben News- developed for kids this game is aimed at letting kids interact with a cat and a dog and have them do tricks and interact with each other. This is one of the most popular interactive games for kids. The dog and cat interact by pushing one of the buttons on the screen and the player can talk to them when they are “listening” and in turn the character will voice the words spoken. This application is aimed at adults and children, is focused on fun and the game is free.

Battleground – The Election Game- the player leads a campaign and a fundraiser in all the different states. The objective is to raise the most votes. The game gives a simplified representation of how candidates run campaigns and all major candidates are represented. There is also a multiplayer mode.

President Run- a game where one controls a running candidate and collect stars while avoiding objects. The concept has been proven popular, but the presidential candidates are displayed in a cartoonish way. A fee is also required to unlock candidates and the free mode has abundant advertising. This game has a lot of potential when it comes to the fun factor, but the prices and ads make this game very unattractive to play.

Revenue Streams

The proposed software to us is a freemium business model. This will generate a lot of interest, as many people will download the app just to try out the game. With the influx of people who would use the free game, promotion can be done to advertise companies and agencies (See Table 2). In-game upgrades can be sped up through purchases of coins or in-game currency. By allowing gamers to download the app for free we can draw the hook to bring in users (See Table 1).

Diversity Enhancement

Engaging young voters has been a long standing issue in the modern political scene. High school and college age voters are a highly under-represented sector of American politics. They feel disconnected, uninformed, and overlooked. The solution to this problem lies within the youth themselves. Becoming more engaged with the current political climate is a matter of self-motivation, but in order for young people to do so, initial connections must be made.

PALitics is about establishing that connection between young people and politics with a combination of high entertainment value and dependable information. Like a small friend in your pocket, PALiticis allows a potential voter to “play around” with political figures both old and new. While helping their chosen political candidate through the election process, the player is also exposed to a flood of important information about the American political system, individual candidates, and the voting process.

PALitics utilizes available technology and formats in a way that allows young people to take charge of their political paths. The goal is simple: make young people care about what is happening in the world around them. PALitics wants to engage first-time voters in way that hasn’t been done before. We are condensing, rewrapping, and presenting the political arena to first-time voters with a method that allows a mix of fun and facts. PALitics stands to be a revolution in the way young people think about politics.