It’s time to start preparing for our project in Oslo, Norway this May and June! Please print out these

instructions and follow them carefully. Emails with further details will follow soon, but for now, we wanted to reaffirm that the 2016 Oslo Project is a GO! As you can see from the attached spreadsheet, you are among an elite group of ## students from across North America whom we’ve accepted for the inaugural ieiMedia program in Norway. We do have room for more team members, and we will be accepting new applications on a case by case basis while housing is available.

Travel Planning

Air Reservations and Meeting the Group

If you can use frequent flyer miles of your own or donated from your family, better yet! But if you have not yet purchased your airfare, now probably is the time to do so, because things could get worse before they get better. Go ahead and buy the best airfares you can get, as long as you land in Nice on July 5 (or a day or two sooner, but then you might be on your own for transport from the airport and accommodations until July 5). You will find better airfares if you can fly out of a major North American hub city, such as New York, Chicago, Houston, Toronto or Montreal – and/or you’re willing to leave around 6 a.m. and make more stops. Delta, American, Continental and AirCanada are among the major airlines that fly into Nice. You might consider flying to Paris or Barcelona and then taking a train to Nice. Do not worry about what time you arrive in Nice on July 5; we will meet you at the airport anytime that day, but the earlier, the better.

As for departure flights from Nice, please do not schedule them for any earlier than 8 a.m. on Aug. 1. We understand that some of you might leave Nice on Aug. 1 to travel in other parts of Europe with friends or family, then fly back to North America later in August.

In any case, buy your plane tickets as soon as possible, before the airfares rise even further!

If you would like expert help booking your airfare, I highly recommend my Canadian travel agent, Jolene Bulmer, whom you can call in Calgary at 1-800-816-6644 or email at Her fee of about $40 per roundtrip ticket will be well worth it in terms of the lower airfares, better flight times and/or search frustrations that she will save you. She also can book train reservations and sidetrip accommodations for you.

For those of you who will be flying out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Jolene is holding 10-13 reservations for our group. The price for each of these roundtrip tickets is $1,820, and the flight times are excellent: