I know I’ve written a lot about “comfort” in my blog posts, but I feel that is the biggest thing I’ve learned through my experience abroad; how to conquer my anxiety and put myself in situations that I normally wouldn’t. But what I’ve decided, is that there’s no better way to learn, about knowledge in general and about myself. This past weekend was Musikkfest Oslo, where over 450 bands/artists perform at 40 venues across Oslo. The first three venues I went to, I felt nervous, unfocused and one hundred percent out of my element. I’ve always been sent a story and contacted the person before interviewing them. Going up to random patrons in the crowd or asking band members, who have no idea who I am, if I could ask them a few questions felt awkward and intruding. I had to go back home and re-coop myself. I ate, drank some water and literally looked in the mirror and told my self, “You got this.” Later in the evening, I felt a bit more comfortable and once I went back out to my fourth location, my confidence settled in. When people shut me down and told me they didn’t want to be interviewed, I didn’t let it get to me. I simply asked new people and I ended up meeting some awesome locals, who not only helped me with my article but taught me about the culture and what a great opportunity I had been give.

After countless doubts in my head about if this is the right program for me, the right career choice; I’ve learned why not do something that makes you feel weird, uncomfortable, strange? Why would I want a job that’s boring and doesn’t give me fear and adrenaline every time I do it? The more this program goes on, the more I think, maybe this could be what I want to do for the rest of my life. And if not who cares, its one hell of an experience!