We are approaching our first weekend off since we’ve been here. In reality, our weekend off will be filled with story researching and writing for me. My time in Bergen was short lived and ultimately a little bit of a letdown for me. While the fjords are worthy of admiration, being from Montana has left me cynical about such views. I know I am not the only one who agrees that Glacier National Park is much more spectacular in its natural beauty. About ten minutes through the fjords left me bored to tears and I ended up napping on the boat for most of the trip. Please note that I have been in a constant state of trying to catch up on sleep since I’ve been here.

I did manage to find a karaoke bar in Bergen. We met some locals who were very friendly and as I worked my way closer to a Country Music Superstar of the World Award (first recipient), I found myself feeling more at home here. Perhaps the secret to success in this foreign land is some down home music marinated in overly priced liquor.

We have learned a lot more about the Norwegian political system in classes this week. The further we get into the extremely liberal way of life here, the more I find myself clinging to my conservative ideals. I have even been driven to the point where Donald Trump sounds appealing. I expected to have a different sort of awakening while I was here, if I am being perfectly honest. But the more I learn, the less I want to live in a co-dependent society.

This may be in correlation to my increasing desire to operate independently here instead of as a functioning group. While I am able to adapt to group work easily, I find it much easier and instinctual to travel around the city on my own and a pace that I enjoy. I like to walk to school in the morning instead of taking public transport. I like to go to different neighborhoods and familiarize myself with the new blocks of the city. I want to be able to remember Oslo and picture each building and street. I want to return and be able to walk the streets I memorized so well.

Class is progressing now, so back to the grind.