heres a first time for everything right? For the first time in my three years of studying abroad I finally stayed in a hostel and to be honest it wasn’t so bad once my anxiety calmed down. Thankfully it wasn’t quite so bad. I think the media is to blame for Americans ideas of what hostels are supposed to be. Boy was I surprised because despite the fact that there was a 24 person or so style bunkbed dorm was surprising, and the shared bathroom and kitchen only reminded me of my dorm room at school.

I think that this experience was a great one for me because it’s incredibly humbling to live out of a backpack or a suitcase for a few nights. Granted, I’ve done this for some time now since I’ve traveled abroad before for a few weeks at a time and I am also a college student and I live in a dorm room roughly seven to eight months out of the year. But when it’s in a hostel situation, then it feels totally different because you are either constantly worried about your stuff (or at least I was ((Yay, anxiety!)).  

It really puts one’s life into perspective once you have traveled to a place far from home and only have your belongings strapped to your back and you have to focus on the things around you more so than your own things which Americans especially tend to do.

While I probably wouldn’t stay in a hostel again unless I absolutely needed to I would definitely do it over again with the group of wonderful young women that are on this trip with me.