The High Plains Reader staff arrived this week and I had the pleasure of conducting an interview while they came along. I was nervous going into the interview, but it was a follow up to an interview I had conducted last week with Petter Ruud-Johansen, Information Officer for Oslo Pride 2016. In the wake of the Orlando attacks, we wanted to ask him a few more questions about Pride security, expectations, emotions, and any commemorative events. Raul, Sabrina and Keith are so kind and creative. Them being here will be a great addition to the group. I’m looking forward to all that I can learn from them as professionals and as peers.

We are more than halfway through this trip. I can tell because I’m typing this from my own room in the penthouse apartment. We switched apartments halfway through in order to appear unbiased and fair. I have 11 more days before I’m home…but who’s counting? A month is a long time to be away. People told me after this trip I’ll be bitten by the travel bug, but more accurately, I’ve been bitten by the get me the hell home bug.

For a strong and steady place, there is always Montana. No matter how far I travel or how long I’m away, there’s an innate knowledge that resides inside me that tells me where I belong. I never feel complete without being there, but at least when people ask where I’m from I am able to proudly proclaim, “Montana,” with a smile on my face.