I have been a big fan of Muse since their album “The Resistance” was released in 2009. Not for a long time, but whatever, I don’t need to prove my loyalty to you. It’s not a competition. I knew that they were going to perform in Oslo before I arrived but when we didn’t hear back from Live Nation about press passes I put the thought of going to see them out of my mind. On the day of the concert about one hour before the doors opened, our program leader Steve messaged us about going with him to see if we can just show up in the press group. Knowing our chances were weak I opted to go, along with fellow Oslo Rocks Reporter Emily, and test our luck.

Walking up to the arena we met what I would like to believe is the worst person in all of Norway. She saw our press passes from the High Plains Reader and took us as her ticket to meet the band. This woman was likely in her late forties, looked like she did nothing but follow the band around for the past 10 years, and harassed, slept with or fought anyone she could to get close to meet them. Lucky for us she only harassed us. While we were standing in the press line she and her two cronies of equal sordidness, tried to buddy up to us and embarrassingly, asked us if we could get her and her friends in to see the band in front of the other press people. Even if we had a direct line of acces the band (which we didn’t) we wouldn’t, in a million years, have invited her with us. I hope that Muse (or any other person on the planet for that matter) never has to meet these people. Thankfully, Steve was very skilled at dismissing them and I am grateful that he was there to save the day.

After that entire ordeal we spoke to the woman from Live Nation Norway and unfortunately they were already at their limit for press. With that outcome, and after finding out that the show was not in fact sold out we went and bought tickets. Unable to bring our DSLR cameras inside the venue Emily and I were only able to bring our phones so all I have are some OK quality iPhone videos and photos. You can see the .GIF of the glowing orb drones floating over the audience during the show. Wish I could do more for you.

So take my word that that was one of the most marvelously amazing concerts I’ve seen in my life. The band performed at their peak and the entire set was accompanied by stunning graphics that elevated the concert out of this world. The graphics accompanied the songs, breathing all new meaning into them and facilitated transitions between songs which told a little story of their own. A billion gold stickers to the team that designed that show. And another billion gold stickers to the people who had to build, strike and rebuild the stage at over 90 different cities across the globe. My first concert overseas turned out, unsurprisingly, to be one of my absolute favorite concerts ever.