Norwegian Wood

I felt pretty professional this Friday at Norwegian Wood! We were lucky to get press/photo passes for the annual and iconic Norwegian Wood festival. My fellow reporter and I had the chance to interview not only one of the original founders of the festival, Jørgen Røll, but two bands as well: U.S band, Israel Nash and Norwegian band, BIGBANG. As silly as it sounds, I quite enjoyed flashing my press pass to walk up the stairs to the press room where Jørgen Røll was awaiting our interview. It felt good to be taken seriously as a U.S reporter and not just a student. And it was pretty interesting trying to find the story behind why this festival downgraded so much from previous years. It is usually a three-day festival with over 8,000 attendees per day. This year, the festival was only one day and with just three acts. Jørgen Røll said it was only due to “bad luck,” and has high hopes for next year, which is there 25th anniversary. I look forward to seeing the lineup/turnout for next year and see if this year really was just bad luck, or is the famous Norwegian festival really coming to an end?

It was also such a great experience interviewing two major bands and being able to take photos in the pit for Wilco. This real-life experience is exactly what I need to push me further into the journalism scene and gain confidence in what I do. Even though I am a student journalist, both bands treated me as a professional, which made me view myself as a professional. Feeling good!13450723_658306537279_1257019989362987178_n

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