I’ve always seeing myself living in a suburban area. I grew up in a town right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, but I’ve never experienced actually living in a city. As hard as it was getting used to sleeping with cars constantly driving by, the tram and drunk people yelling through the night, I’m going to miss the city life. At least this city, that is. It’s so convenient being able to literally walk anywhere you want to go or hop on a tram. It really allows you to take in your surroundings and explore. It’s going to be weird driving in a car again after a whole month of using public transportation or walking. And I definitely don’t miss sitting in traffic.

I didn’t really enjoy New York City when I visited, so I just assumed I would never want to live in a city. People would always stare and catcall and it was just dirty, in my opinion. But Oslo is so different. No one looks at you, shouts random inappropriate statements, or tries to make pointless conversation with you on the tram. People here just keep to themselves. At first, I was a little taken aback by it. Is no one here friendly? Do men here not find me attractive? But now I really do appreciate that people here just honestly, leave you alone. Everyone just mind’s their own business and in America it’s the complete opposite; everyone is in EVERYONE’S business. Here’s to 10 more days in this beautiful city!