What a lovely day, this international Father’s Day. I had the pleasure of speaking with both of my fathers, one a step and one a realsy. I wish I could have spent the day with both of them, although only my step father would have joined me for the delightful seafood dinner I enjoyed on the pier today.

This weekend was the start of Oslo Pride. I have thrown myself into the political side of the festivities, which seems to be what I’m always drawn to. What I love about Oslo Pride is all the activities and content they have that isn’t alcohol or even socially driven. They provide so many free events, many of which are about the global political struggles of the LGBTI community. It’s been a pleasure to attend those and be able to ask questions and receive real answers.

There is only a week left here in Oslo. I almost can’t believe it, but at the same time I feel like I’ve been here for months. I really miss my dog most of all. I facetimed her yesterday and she didn’t respond much to my voice. I felt really sorry for myself that she wasn’t displaying the human emotion of misery without me, but I know we’ll be reunited soon and she’ll be my emotional support system again. Why haven’t we figured out a way to travel internationally with our pets without it costing a fortune? I will now be taking donations to start such a dog friendly airline.

I’m looking forward to completing my stories. I also look forward to my own bed. And Taco John’s. And my trainer. And my parents. My boyfriend. Even my sister, actually (holler if you have a sister because you know what I mean).