When I first watch this clip I think it’s its been sped up. But no, that’s just the lead guitarist, Thomas Bergsten of The Harvey Steel Show ripping on the guitar at Musikkfest Oslo. Thinking back to this day, reminds me of how scared and timid I was first interviewing bands during my first week abroad. Even though I’m still a bit nervous now, I really have gained so much confidence in my skills over the month studying in Oslo. That first week, I wanted to quit, pack up my things and go home. I was so used to planned-out interviews, instead of asking bands that have zero clue who I am, if I could interview them. That takes confidence and I was nervous that I wasn’t good enough. Now, after practice in the field, it comes much more natural to me and I don’t regret any of my decisions here in Oslo and I am so glad I chose to take part in this adventure. This video also reminds me of how lucky I am to have been able to listen and experience so many different bands in Oslo. I’m going to miss going to a new festival every week or seeing a random band perform at a bar. I’m going to miss you Oslo!