An American in Norway

by Nicole Gardner

This time next week I’ll be back in the air and en route to home and I’m not going to lie, but I kind of miss it. Home that is.

Though this trip has been a great one for me it has also been an eye-opening one for me too. I’ve forced myself out of my comfort zone in numerous ways, but I also came to realize that I can only spend roughly two weeks abroad because that’s what I’m used to as opposed to four.

While I’m beyond excited to have been given this opportunity and I hope I didn’t waste it.

Though my past study abroad’s haven’t quite been as arduous as this one has been due to the fact that we the class worked on projects during our semester in school and then we presented that research in the countries we went to conferences in. I think that it’s still been a great learning experience.

I’m so thrilled that I got this amazing experience with all of these wonderful people.

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Steven Listopad

Steven Listopad, Henderson State University faculty and NDSU PhD candidate, has been an assistant professor of JMC and student media director at two North Dakota universities. He’s received honors from the Hefner Foundation, AEJMC, JEA, and SCJ for his work with New Voices USA and currently coordinates the New Voices USA website and the national campaign in conjunction with SPLC. His converged student media center at UJ was a finalist in North Dakota’s annual professional entrepreneurial competition, InnovateND, and he was a Scripps Fellow for Entrepreneurial Journalism. He has taught journalism in China, France, Italy, and Norway. He is currently the ieiMedia program director for OsloRocks, a music and culture international journalism experience. Listopad has been a member of CMA since 2005 and has served on the CMA and ACP Advisory Councils. He was chair of the CMA Adviser Awards Committee from 2013 to 2015. Listopad was honored with CMA’s Distinguished Multimedia Adviser Award in 2010 and has received two CMA Presidential Citations.