Norway v. America: a complete 180

In the short time that I've traveled abroad (this is my fourth time) I've usually always felt like I could easily adapt to the culture and the people. So far in Norway I feel as though I fit in better than usual because much like the Norwegians I don't like to bother people. It also … Continue reading Norway v. America: a complete 180

In Cod We Trust

I’ll never forget the first Christmas Eve my dad set the plate in front of me. My eyes barely peeking above the table surface while aunts, uncles and cousins all watched proudly as if my baptism had finally come. The giggling mash of fish jello wafted a rotten smell. My stomach churned. I shoveled in … Continue reading In Cod We Trust

Most people talk about what a blur the first week of an international trip can be. I guess I differ in my clarity, as each moment so far forms a concrete corner in my memories. The travel here was long, tedious, sweaty, and involved a lot of touching strangers. A task that I loathe and … Continue reading