Neseblod Records: A black metal Mecca

In the heart of Norway’s black metal culture, there is a small record shop called Neseblod (translation: Nosebleed) Records. Although it appears nondescript from the outside, opening the door reveals a mecca for any black metal fanatic. Neseblod Records, owned by Kenneth Neseblod (last name as given), is located at the former site of Helvete … Continue reading Neseblod Records: A black metal Mecca

Editorial: To Party

I grew up in Northern Minnesota. We had permafrost and engine block warmers. I thought everyone wore two pairs of pants and three shirts to school in February until I moved to California in the fifth grade. Norwegians understand this kind of winter. So when the snow melts and the days warm up they are … Continue reading Editorial: To Party

Norwegian Wood rock festival turns 25

Oslo’s Norwegian Wood Festival celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary, June 15-17, 2017. But Norway’s longest running festival almost didn’t happen this year. The rock and folk fest has boasted headliners from Bob Dylan to Band of Horses, David Bowie to Linkin Park, Patti Smith to Arcade Fire. However, after a slow decline in attendance and a … Continue reading Norwegian Wood rock festival turns 25

SHAKANAKA: From Bergen to the Big Time

Shakanaka is the Bergen-based British-punk-influenced lo-fi rock duo of guitarist Torgeir Høgheim and singer-drummer Eirik Gundersen. Shakanaka’s sound embodies the highlights and vulnerabilities that come along with youth. Høgheim and Gundersen perform with a laidback attitude, not taking themselves so seriously. Shakanaka perfectly encapsulates the dichotomy between creating serious art and having fun. But the … Continue reading SHAKANAKA: From Bergen to the Big Time

Poster Boys: Making Rock Real Again

“Everything goes in circles,” Emil Haglund, vocalist and guitarist for power pop band Posterboys, said. “I think it’s time for some rock and roll.” Posterboys, based in Oslo, Norway, are bringing energetic pop rock to the forefront of an electronic dominated music scene. The band is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Anders Løland, drummer Trygve … Continue reading Poster Boys: Making Rock Real Again