The time has finally come, we all finally got to Norway and started our summer of music journalism! We took no time getting started and went to Musikkfest Oslo on our first full day here.  Since this is a class and not just for fun, we were sent on a mission throughout the day to not only take pictures and go to the different venues, but to also interview bands and Musikkfest goers.

The day was winding down and turning to night time, even though the sun was still up, and I finally got to the Metallscenen, Aye Aye Club stage.  We got into the overcrowded venue by talking to the bouncers and showing our credentials asking to just go in for a little bit to take pictures.  The bouncers let us in and I made my way to the front of the crowd and found two band members from two different bands to interview.  Perfect way for me to knock out my two band interviews.

After the interview we talked a bit to find more stories for the trip.  We talked about the black metal scene and how one of the guys’ bands and a bunch of other bands in the city formed their own underground record label.  After they told us about the label, we got invited to come to their show this Friday night at the Revolver.

After getting in contact with them again, we are all now credentialed for their show with two other bands this Friday and we hope to find out more about their record label.