One of the biggest reasons I decided to come to Oslo this summer was to experience the music culture of this city, which I have been told is extremely vibrant. I’m always on the look out for new bands, new songs, and new venues. Lucky for me, our first day on the ground was also Musikkfest in Oslo.

Musikkfest is a one day event that features 400 bands in countless venues across the city. From a pop-up folk venue in the city center to a bar featuring metal, Musikkfest literally has a little bit of everything. Actually, it has a lot of everything. Bands come from all over the country to be apart of the event. It is a lovely day of music and Norwegian culture in a fun (and free) environment. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to experience all of the different scenes that are prominent in Norway.

As we arrived at our third venue of the day, BLA, the comforting sound of shoegazy guitar riffs drifted through my ears. Honestly, it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my soul. I made my way up to the front of the graffiti covered venue and there was Jannicke Forsgren under the string lights and wooden pillars. Although I only caught the tail end of the performance, it was enough to sell me on this band.

Jannicke Forsgren is from Trondheim, Norway. This was her first time playing Musikkfest, and she was accompanied on stage by her brother on guitar, and two friends on keyboard and drums.

“I just love how happy everyone is,” Forsgren said in regards to Musikkfest. “It feels like a real celebration of music.”

I strongly suggest giving these guys a listen, which you can do here.