This post is being written 4042.00 feet up and surrounded by snow.  Yes surrounded by snow in the middle of June.  Today we are making the journey by train from Oslo to Bergen.  I already thought Oslo was cold, especially considering I came from sunny Florida to Norway, but Bergen is shaping out to be even colder.  I can’t jump to conclusions because we do have about two hours left of our ride, but it’s not looking so hot.

IMG_1978This train ride is taking us through Norway, the postcards Norway where it’s all snow capped mountains with running rivers below and ice covered lakes with little to no development to be found.  The further the altitude up we go, the less our phones and wifi work keeping us too away from civilization and the world beyond the mountains.  Something different for 2017.

This train ride gives us a nice peaceful setting to set down our cell phones and get to work on our work that we don’t need service for.  Work like listening and transcribing our audio or picking out pictures for our stories.  Even though it can be hard to focus sometimes when the scenery changes and we just want to take pictures of it. 

It’s crazy to think how we started off in Oslo where the weather is in the sixties today and now in the few hours we have been on the train we have traveled through ice and snow and now we’re heading back into small towns hidden in green valleys with snow capped mountains looming over them.  How the weather and climate can change so dramatically and suddenly depending on where you are the geographic features surrounding the land.IMG_1979

I didn’t expect to see such drastic changes in the one trip, I still get surprised when I see the difference in weather on my trips down the entire east coast back in the U.S. and that’s a much longer train ride.  Even though I wasn’t expecting to see snow, and I’m definitely all about the heat, the scenery on this train ride was incredible to look at, at least from the inside of a train.