This past week we took the term “bringing the classroom to you” to a whole new level.  We had a week of classes and where exactly were these classes held? In Kaycee and mine’s bedroom.  Since us five students are living in a house outside of the city our instructors came to us to do our lessons and the room Kaycee and I are staying in happens to have a projector screen to use, that also covers a giant Clint Eastwood portrait from Aleppo but that’s a whole other story.

All week every morning our instructors would come over and we would all gather in our room and everyone else would sit on the couch’s and I would sit nice and comfortable in my bed.  We would all have our snacks with us and in our comfortable clothes and spend the day learning.

At first I was just excited that I could be nice and comfortable in bed in class and then I realized that these have actually been some of my productive classes.  It could have been from being excited to learn something I actually care about but I like to think it is because I wasn’t forced to sit upright in an uncomfortable plastic chair.  Also being in the bedroom where we all would hang out anyway made it easy to relax and take in the class and still have fun with each other.

The classes were still long and made it a long week but we all made it through!  Now we can get on with the good stuff and start covering all the festivals and stories around town.