MiniØya is a two day conglomeration of cuteness. The festival is tailored towards Oslo’s youth -16 years and younger- and gives children a chance to experience live music in a safe and fun environment. It is held outdoors, and there are a variety of activities such as face painting and a make your own sock puppet booth. As for music, children are introduced to every genre of music, from thrash metal to classical.

This festival is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I love that so many musicians who normally perform for adult audiences were happy to join the lineup for MiniØya. Some even changed their regular sets to cater to the children. I think it is so special that children are not only introduced, but immersed in music from such a young age. There is nothing more adorable than watching a dad teach his daughter the proper way to salute a rock band.

I was lucky enough to meet with nine year old Aida Ruud, who was discovered by Norwegian hiphop artist Kristoffer Cezinando just the night before. Aida is a little fireball, and although it was only her first performance, she rocked the MiniØya stage. This just shows again how involved Norway’s children are in music. I am looking forward to potentially sitting down with Aida and her mom again to learn more about the music and children dynamic in Norway.

Below are some screen grabs from video taken at MiniØya.