By Amber Ainsworth

This past school year, I was so busy that I fell away from my passions a lot. I was writing because I was the editor of my school’s paper and have an internship at a news station, but I felt like I wasn’t doing what I loved to do. Before this trip, I hadn’t shot a show since fall and almost all of the writing I was doing was news writing or rushed entertainment pieces to fill the section when it lacked content.

At the beginning of the fall, I bought a new camera that I had only really used when I shot a couple Michigan football games. Aside from that, I hardly touched my camera. I wrote pieces that I could write in a few hours or less, nothing else, and I wasn’t even coming up with story ideas I wanted to follow when I might get some free time.

Right before I left for Norway, I spent a day with some of my closest friends, all photographers, and it was the perfect start to the trip and an even better end to one of the most stressful semesters of my college career. I remembered how much I crave adventure and fresh ideas, and that rekindled feeling spilled over when I got to Norway and started working.

While here, I have been looking into stories I want to work on when I get back to Detroit. A story I’m doing here (Hausmania piece) inspired me to do some research about Detroit, and now I have an idea I’ll be starting when I get back. I’ve shared some of my ideas with friends and have planned on getting them involved.

This trip has reminded me what is important to me, what I want to be doing with my time and what I need to be doing in order to be happy. It’s been so nice to have time to focus solely on writing, shooting and exploring. The other commitments I have can wait. And when I get home, they can wait a bit longer.