We’ve made it half way through the month to our break!  We all spent the last few days before break cramming to get all of our stories in so we could have this time to relax and either become tourists for a few days or go off and explore different places in Scandinavia. 

My family is here visiting for my days off so I have become a full blown tourist with the family.  The first two weeks with the class were hectic with having classes all day and traveling to Bergen that we never got a real chance to explore everywhere the Ruter pass will take us.  Luckily that is what these three days are for.

IMG_2043For my time off I explored new heights in the city, literally new heights, like hiking up a mountain.    My family and I took the train out to Holmenkollen National Area and hiked the two kilometers up the mountain.  The hike was a steep climb but we did it, we made it to the top and in our normal hanging out clothes and shoes.  The views were incredible, since it was a nice sunny day we were able to look over the entire city.

We hiked back down to Vettakollen lake where people were enjoying the warmth and jumping into the water to cool off.  Definitely a spot I’m going back to with the group to jump in on the rope swing.IMG_2042

A lot of our time was spent hiking but we also hit up a couple other places every tourist needs to go in Oslo.  We spent some time at the Viking Ship museum.  We learned about how they buried vikings and what was buried with them.  We saw uncovered viking ships and watched a short video about the vikings lives.

We also made it to the most interesting park I’ve ever been to, Vigelandsparken.  It is a large park covered in naked people sculptures.  From babies to adults, there is every type of person sculpted and there is no holding back. IMG_5538

It is nice that we have these days off to explore and see the city beyond the concerts.  Soon we’ll be back to getting our stories done and finishing the last two weeks of the class strong.