Another week in and another time I learned that life really is about connections.  We went to Musikkfest on our first day here and from there I found a band that invited us to their concert, and we learned that they started their own record label, which led us to another story.

Now I have talked to one of the guys that got the record label started.  While talking to him he learned that we are working on a black metal story and he happens to have connections to some people that could help a lot on that story.  Each person has led me to someone else to pursue a story.

I have learned while here that if you talk to enough people about enough topics, something good will come out of it.  We were told when we got here to look for the stories by talking to people and observing what’s around us.  We are here as journalists looking for the story and it is nice that all of these stories can connect to each other.

I realize not everyone in life will help me in the same ways that these guys have helped me but it goes to show that a lot of people will have a connection to someone or something.  It’s a small world after all and it never hurts to find out how others can help.