Isn’t it lovely when you have a vision in your mind of a person and they live up to your expectations? Today was a really wonderful day for me. I got the chance to not only see two of my favorite performers live, but also photograph them and interview them.

Aurora and Sondre Lerche are two Norwegian artists who I have been a fan of for quite awhile now. We only got passes to one day of OverOslo and lucky for me, both of these artists were playing! Even luckier, both agreed to sit down with me for an interview. Each interview was beautiful in its own way.

First I met with Aurora. This one I was a little nervous for, but once we started talking I began to feel quite comfortable. I hope she felt the same way! We did the interview sitting in the grass in the forest. This is the most Aurora-y thing that could have possibly happened. We talked about her song writing process, her background and how it influences her music, and life in Norway. She is such an insightful person, and each of her answers to my questions were well thought out and articulated.

Sondre was my second interview. This is an artist that I had been following for quite awhile, and have also seen live in Vancouver. I think he is so interesting because his sound is always drastically changing and evolving. My favorite part of this interview was discussing his fan’s responses to the changes. Sondre basically told me that he really doesn’t care what other people think, he writes the music that feels right to him. That made me respect and appreciate him even more as a musician.

Both of these artists are so authentic, and talking to them was so much easier than I had expected. They were also both incredibly energetic on stage and a blast to watch.