It’s Friday night and the underground metal band Blodspor is nearly ready to take the stage at Revolver, a well-known venue in Oslo’s underground.

Revolver is part of Oslo’s famous metal and black metal scene.  It is only a block or two from two similar venues, The Rockefeller and John Dee. Kniven, a black metal bar, is located right nearby and so is Neseblod Records, a record store and black metal museum.

Just before the show, Blodspor guitarist Bent Ronde walks down the street to Whataburger to grab a bite to eat and talk about the metal scene and his band. Blodspor is a metal band from Oslo that has been playing since 2006

Ronde says metal is not a static scene. Since no two bands are the same, he says he thinks the scene will continue to grow.  

“I think metal is just going to keep on evolving and people are going to push the limits, and just go for it every time,” Bent said. “Every band is going to try and make their own sound, try to make their own thing, and that’s why it’s going to just keep on moving and moving and moving.”

After Ronde eats, he is ready to take the stage.  Blodspor headlines the three band show at Revolver. The other two bands were Halcyon Days, also from Oslo, and Killtek from Trondheim.

Blodspor is one of the eight bands in the underground metal record label Negative Vibe Records. Read more on on Negative Vibe Records and Norway’s metal scene in upcoming issues of HPR and online at See Blodspor in action at