Gaahl: The most evil man alive?

By Liam Carroll Once dubbed ‘the most evil man alive’ by Terrorizer magazine,  the ex-lead singer and founding member of black metal giant Gorgoroth – Gaahl – sat down for a chat not long after completing a grueling, yet exhilarating, performance with his new band, Gaahls Wyrd. Dressed in his usual black overcoat, with an … Continue reading Gaahl: The most evil man alive?

Radio pros at Bergenfest

By Billy Ray Malone NRK P1 music reporter Hilde Zahl scanned the crowd at Bergenfest – the annual music festival in Bergen, Norway – and spotted a woman wearing a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds tee shirt. Zahl walked right up to the woman, crossed her ankles, dipped into a curtsy and, without skipping … Continue reading Radio pros at Bergenfest

Sibiir: metal band seeks work/life balance

By Leila Baxter Sibiir opened the second day of the Tons of Rock festival in Halden, Norway with a dynamic performance. Half-way through their second song, a screaming Jimmy Nymoen, the band's vocalist, leapt into the pit of photographers below the stage. Concerned for his  safety, security stuck close by Nymoen when he jumped onto … Continue reading Sibiir: metal band seeks work/life balance

Meet Attan, a genre-bending metal band poised for success

By Dalton Spangler “The first EP was a lone wolf chomping at your throat. This is like being chased by a pack of wolves and a bulldozer,” explained Attan frontman Remi Semshaug Langseth. Langseth discussed the differences between the band's first EP “From Nothing” and their latest, “End of,” scheduled for release on September 7 … Continue reading Meet Attan, a genre-bending metal band poised for success

Cups for Kroner

By Jenna Herrick There are lots of sights to been seen at Piknik i Parken, otherwise known as PiPfest, in Oslo. Looking around, you'll spot musical performances, an abundance of food trucks, and children carrying large stacks of empty cups. Wait. What? Yes, dozens of four-foot-tall children walking around with stacks of cups almost as tall … Continue reading Cups for Kroner

PiPfest: ‘Founded on love’

By Dalton Spangler The fifth consecutive Piknik i Parken, or PiPfest, was held June 15 to 17 in Oslo, Norway, and once again attracted high-profile acts such as Jason Isbell, Phoenix, Travis, and Mew. Music fans entering Frogner Park for PiPfest were greeted by warm lights and ribbons in shades of green, red and blue … Continue reading PiPfest: ‘Founded on love’

Exploring the drinking culture at concerts in Norway and the U.S.

By Ethan Reddish When I came to Norway, I noticed how prevalent alcohol was in daily life, at least compared to my home in small-town south Georgia. In Norway, people seem to drink with every meal but my family never drank at lunch or dinner. My college, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, is a dry campus, but … Continue reading Exploring the drinking culture at concerts in Norway and the U.S.